One Day Apparel

One Day Apparel was created to reflect the philosophy of living life “one day at time.

Our apparel was created with the hope that all who have been touched by cancer share our passion for finding a cure and support our cause. With your help, we can make this dream a reality one day sooner.

"One Day Apparel has created a unique item for my family. This shirt allows my husband to easily and unobtrusively use antibiotic IVs while in his business clothes. Our custom order came with a hidden pocket to hold the medication and a stylish business-friendly look. He pairs it over a short sleeve collared shirt and no one knows. He can access his picc line quickly and get back to work. 
Thank you OneDay for creating this custom piece!"

--Kelsey S.

"I bought this for my mom and she loves it as well as all the nurses on the floor. Such an awesome sweater! Thanks again!"

-- Melissa F.

"I purchased the long sleeve shirt for my best friend's husband whom was diagnosed with cancer. As a nurse I know the importance of access.  I knew this would be the perfect shirt to keep my friend warm while allowing his nurses easy access and the ability to monitor his port. They gushed about the many compliments they received from the nurses for both functionality and style. Great design! Thank you!" 

-- April, RN

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One Day Apparel Specialty Garment

Port Locations

The specialty garment from One Day Apparel is uniquely crafted to provide comfort and dignity for those undergoing treatment. The functionality of the piece allows it to be worn while providing open access to intravenous ports in the chest and upper arm. While this garment was created to aid those battling illness, it is meant to engender a general community of support for all of those affected by the illness, patient or not. By purchasing this garment, you are not only spreading our mission of uplifting spirits as we battle these diseases together, but you are also contributing much needed funds to cancer research. We donate the profits from the sale of all of our apparel to organizations pursuing life-saving research for cures. Become a part of our community and show others that you have helped make this cancer-free reality possible One Day sooner!

Know a friend or family member that could benefit from one of our specialty sweaters? Or, want to support our mission to find a cure and showcase our cause? Take a look at our shop to find the one that's right for you! Click here.